Wheaten temperament is unique, combining the alert intelligence of the
terrier with the steadiness of the working dog. A quick lively affectionate
dog, the Wheaten retains his puppy exuberance and medium to high energy level all his life. Eminently adaptable, he can enjoy life in the city
or the country, just as long he is close to his people and
receives ample daily exercise.

All children should be supervised when a dog is present. Wheatens do
well with considerate, well-behaved children.

Most Wheatens will bark an alarm when strangers approach, but generally they are quieter than the smaller terriers. They must be carefully fenced or walked on a lead since they will wander if not fenced. Wheatens will chase squirrels, rabbits, cars, etc., and should never be allowed to run loose in an unfenced area. Wheatens can and do leap straight up off the floor. They jump up on people in greeting and it is difficult to correct this trait. They are inveterate leash pullers.

The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is not everyone's perfect pet. He does
have special requirements if he is to achieve his potential.
They need consistent, firm discipline but are sensitive to harsh treatment.
They must be trained to be submissive without breaking their high spirits. They are quite trainable but it takes more work, time and dedication than with many other breeds.

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