By definition a Breeder is: One who raises animals and brings about their  reproduction. This is a very broad definition that is all inclusive. When in the  process of obtaining a family companion, your puppy, you must be more  selective. Be patient and prudent and you will get a puppy that will give you many  years of love and great joy. 

There are various types of Breeders:
THE CONCIENTIOUS HOBBY BREEDER The best choice for obtaining a puppy that will have been bred for good healthtemperament, and conformation to the standard of the breed. These breeders  will have given careful consideration to the choice of the stud and will have  looked carefully into the background of both the dam and sire in an effort to  bring about a mating that will produce a puppy that is better than his parents.  These breeders are breeding in an effort to improve the breed, producing dogs  to be shown and later entered into their breeding program. The Dam and Sire will have been tested regularly and intensivly for known hereditary Wheaten diseases. The breeder will be happy to share these test results with you.  When you contact such a breeder about a puppy you will find that the breeders  main concern is the welfare of the puppy, not only at the time of placement,  but throughout it's life. You will be asked many questions about yourself, your  family, your life style, your past history with dogs, how you plan to provide for  the welfare of your dog, and your home environment. These questions are  aimed at determining if the breed of dog is the correct choice for you and if  your home is the environment that the breeder wants for his/her puppy. If you  are serious about getting a life long companion that is right for you and your  family you will welcome this scrutiny that is also aimed at doing what is best  for you.  I recommend that you get your puppy from a Breeder that is a member of the  Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America or a local SCWT club. This is not  to say that there are not good breeders who are not members. However, by  going through a member Breeder you have some assurance that he/she has a  long time commitment to the breed and its welfare, and that this person is  known to the breed community and has been screened for ethical behavior  before club membership was granted.  Such a Breeder will have the mother of the pups on the premises, will be  happy to show you pedigrees, will discuss any health problems in the line and  in the breed in general. Will have tested his /her dogs before breeding, and will  be happy to answer all your questions. This breeder will be available to you  for the life of your dog to offer advice and assistance.

  These people are not serious breeders. Usually friends or neighbors who  happen to own the same breed of dog will decide that they should breed their  dogs and make some extra money.  There is no consideration of pedigrees (background) or health issues. Most of  this type of breeder has no experience with or knowledge of what breeding  entails. The bitch will not receive any prenatal testing or care and the pups will  live or die on their own without the benefit of Veterinary care. Money is the  only consideration with these breeders. 

PUPPY MILLS / PET SHOPS  These categories are combined as most of the animals found in Pet Shops are  obtained from puppy mills. This is, by far, the worst source for your puppy.  The purpose here is simple…profit. While there is nothing illegal about this  type of operation the method of operation ignores, completely, the welfare of  the breeding stock and their offspring. The breeding stock is usually confined  to a very small cage area for their entire life with the fecal matter dropping  through the wire mesh flooring. These brood bitches are bred every time they  come into season and are usually discarded by euthanasia or placement when  they can no longer produce (4-5yrs). There are many stories of these dogs  dying after being placed because of the prior abuse and lack of proper care.  There is no thought given to medical background or temperament and many of  these pups will die in shipment or in the back rooms of pet shops. These  breeders have been reported to manipulate pedigrees and generally will not  show you a pedigree before the sale.  The following is a quote from a Wheaten owner and is published with his  permission. Poignant and to the point.  "If you decide you are willing to risk getting a puppy from a mill because you can't wait, how can you justify contributing to the terrible conditions the mothers of these puppies live in. If you care about dogs in general ,and the breed in particular, how can you ignore the fact that the mothers of your puppies are living terrible lives in crates in somebody's barn? Buying puppies born to those mothers condemns them to a life no dog should live". Many people forget all about the mothers of puppy mill puppies.  Don Zwier  Puppy mills will often place their puppies with resellers. These are people who  pose as breeders but are selling puppy mill stock. They will not have the  mother of the pups on the premises, will not show you a pedigree, and often  have a story about selling the puppies for some other family member . As  soon as they have your money you are on your own. Most won't even take  your calls at this point. Be on your guard…do not get your puppy from a back yard breeder, "mill", pet shop, or one of these "fronts"!

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